Friday, September 20, 2013

Speaking of bad dolls

I have some problems with my dolls... or my saddles... or both. Not all my saddles have the perfect stirrup length for my dolls, and not all my dolls sit very well. Since I have a lot of models, in all scales, and I want to tack them all (I know, bad me!) I have a lot of saddles. Since I don't have unlimited amounts of money, most are older, or not specifically fitted to dolls, at least not my dolls. 

Then there are my many dolls- I use, or try to use, all of them, including the OF Breyers. I do have a few LSQ professionally done, recent dolls, but they don't fit all my models. In fact, this shoot has shown me how badly I need a small traditional/classic sized good doll!

I'm not sure if these dolls fall under the category of bad enough to hurt the entry, or not as bad as empty saddles. What do you think?

I just can't get this doll's legs under him. The mailbox photo sort of disguises it, but the bridge photo shows his very "chair seat". Would it be better to lose him? 

This one sits well, but the stirrups are too short for him, which pushes him back on the cantle. The saddle is the only one I have that fits the model pretty well. Most of mine are too large, or too small. Would an entry be better without the doll at all?

Monday, September 16, 2013

My roping effort!

These photos represent the most work I've ever put into performance photos. They are depicting professional, or tie-down, roping. I did some research to make sure I got the right details on the horses. Pro ropers snug up their back cinches, so the saddle doesn't lift off the horse's back when the calf hits the rope end. Pro ropers use a breast collar, but they don't attach it to the show dees, they attach it right to the saddle rigging for strength. The saddle blankets are extra thick and plenty large. Horses have a neck rope, a jerk line, and also a loop affixed to their noseband (of the tie down) that the rope runs through, to prevent the calf from pulling the rope out at an angle. They normally do use a tie-down: the horses brace against it for the weight of the calf. The tie downs do not run through the breastcollar, or clip to the center ring. The bridle has a roping rein, which is a closed loop rein. Leg protection is usually used. The roper ropes from the right, and dismounts from the right if he is right handed. After the calf is tied, the rider hurries back to the horse, mounts, and moves the horse forward to slack the rope to show that the leg tie holds. It only has to hold that long to be accepted. Because the riders dismount and mount in a hurry, they don't wear chaps.

As you can see, I still didn't get it perfectly right, but I did make at least three separate attempts. The background was difficult, because it needed to be extra long. It still could have some improvements! (Stock work is always done with a solid wall, rather than a rail fence.)

Their first show, a MEPSA specialty, they earned a 2nd and a 3rd of 9 entries.

Nothing is without its snags

I lost a couple of photos because the owner thought the critiques were too harsh. I didn't find anything I thought was mean-spirited, so the comments are still there.

Please, if you submit your photos, remember they will be criticized unless you manage to submit absolutely perfect photos, which might not exist anywhere. You can help not only yourself to improve your photos, but also people who are too unsure about submitting photos themselves, but they are viewing and learning.

If you critique, please remember there are people on the other end of the photos. They are trying to help with the blog, and, I hope, personally improve their photos. So- remember to mention the good as well as the bad. If you can't see any good at all, it might be better to refrain from critiquing that one.

Remembering the other removed photo, it's also probably best if you only submit photos of models and dolls you still own.

So, I guess I'm back to submitting my own ;)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Shall we put together a class?

If I get five or more photos from different owners in one discipline, we'll make up a class.

How about Western Trail?

Third set of photos for critique

An additional two, from Rita
1) Western Pleasure

2) Western Bareback

Second set for critique

Another two photos for critique, from Irene:

1) Showmanship

2) Barrel racing

Friday, September 13, 2013

New photos- new owner!

Here are some new pictures for critique. Suggestions for improvement and comments on what's done well are both invited. Your comments can be entered in the comment box at the bottom of the post, or emailed to me at and I'll post them. Please have some experience/credentials for performance critiquing: successful model or live horse performance showing or judging. Thank you!

1) Sorry- problem with the first photo- I had a request to remove it. Stay tuned...
NEW, below
1) Vincent Can Go - rn - 

Bay roan QH gelding. PS SR DAH Performance horse. Robin Nere.  NRHA pattern 2, element 4. Run up middle of arena past end mark and do a left roll back.

2) Bay roan QH gelding. OF PS performance horse, Renegade. Robin Nere. 

Preliminary Dressage test. At "C" - halt, rein back (back) one horse length and immediately proceed in medium walk. Here, starting to back.